Short description
Children and reporters is the online newspaper built by several European countries to inform about the news of the different member's schools and their surroundings using English as the main language.
Students in this project  will become familiar  to the field of journalism  and how to write objectively and various reporting styles. Students will gain a greater appreciation for journalists and the multimedia language.
The purpose  is to acquaint students with the reporting process. The student will learn to meet deadlines, work under pressure, utilize time managment, be organized, deal with the public,  be prepared; think and act critically and consciously,essential tools for an active involvement in the workplace and in the society of the future

Keywords: Journalism, Reporting, Broadcast, Communications, Cooperation, Language, Europe, multimedia, WEB 2.0


- To improve the teaching and learning of the English language.
- To increase the use of the technologies of information and communication.
- To improve the relationships and the knowledge among schools in Europe.
- To develop the main competences in our students though a great variety of activities:
1. Treatment of information and Digital competence.
2. Linguistic Communicative competence.
3. Knowledge and interaction with the physic world competence.
4. Mathematics competence.
5. Social and civic competence.
6. Cultural and Artistic Competence.
7. Autonomy and personal initiative competence.
8. Learn to learn competence.
9. Emotional competence.


This newspaper is divided in different sections where children from different countries can contribute and write. The sections are :

  1. At the discovery of Europe, our continent
  2. News from the school
  3. News from the world: work, study,environment, policy, chronicle worlwide
  4. News from the country: work, study,environment, policy, chronicle in own country
  5. Discoveries and explorations : technology, science, environment
  6. Health: healthy food, medicine, sport, lifestyle
  7. Free time
  8. Culture: music, art, cinema,TV, books, fashion
  9.  Comics
  10. Weather
  11. Pastimes and puzzle
  12. Horoscopes