Sunday, November 28, 2010

The feast of 'tree'

The day twenty-two November, the fifth class of Primary School "Michele Preziuso" went in the municipal gardens to plant seedlings of ash, pomegranate and cherry laurel.
The City of Rionero organized "the feast of 'tree' in collaboration with the region.
Together with the fifth class there were other classes: one high school and two in the first grade. Before of  the planting the first grade children  recite a nursery rhyme dedicated to alberi. A student  in high school  read a text about the nature and the fifth class has "published" a booklet with poems, and acrostics mesostici  on the trees.
To learn more about the trees an expert has provided a lot of information.
Subsequently, two children have planted seedlings with the help of the head of the mountain community.


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