Wednesday, November 24, 2010


1: 102 Pilgrimns arrived in America on llth December , 1620 ,on a ship called
the Mayflower.

2: The first winter in America was very cold. Life was very difficult for the pilgrims. After the first winter , lots of the pilgrims were dead.

3: The native americans helped the pilgrms. They showed them what to plant and what
animals to hunt.

4: The harvest in 1621 was very good. They had pumpkins and corn and corn and they
collected fruit.

5: The pilgrims had a big dinner to thank God for the foood . they invited the
native americans to the dinner.

6: On the fourth thursday of every November nort americans celebrate thanksgiving .
They have a big dinne. Some of the food the pilgrims ate at the first thanksgiving is
now the traditional food for this festival.

Written by Javier, from Spain.


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