Saturday, January 29, 2011


"Medieval Tournament"
"The Graphic Ocean"
This is an interview to Nazaret one of the Spanish pupils.She is eleven years old,and he loves going on holidays.
P.- Where did you go?
N.-I went to Valencia.
P.-Who did you go with?
N.-I went with my family.
P.-When did you go?
N.-I went in summer,in July.
P.-What did you eat?
N.-I ate paella. It is made of rize, prawns, mussels, and vegetables. It´s delicious!
P.-What did you see?
N.-I saw the "Graphic Ocean". It is a place where you can see a lot of sea animals like penguins, seals, whales, sharps... in the five continents. And I saw Medieval Markets near the beach.
P. - How did you travel?
N. - I travelled by car.
P. - Do you recomend to go to Valencia?
N. - Yes, of course. Because It is a city very beautiful. It´s got it´s own language "Valenciano".

Thanks Nazaret by answering this questions.


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