Friday, January 28, 2011

Our school, our timetable, the schoolyear and the educational system in Portugal

Our names are Diogo and Leonardo. We are 15. We attend Escola Básica nº 2 da Lousã in the Center of Portugal. Lousã is a small town in a beautiful mountainous region.
In Portugal children go to kindergarten at the age of 3. When they are 6 they start Primary school. The second cycle begins at the age of 10 and the third at the age of 12. There are 9 years of compulsory education in Portugal but until 2015 measures will be taken, so that compulsory education will last for 12 years.
Students start Secondary Education at the age of 15/16. It lasts for 3 years. Then students will have their final exams to go to University. Students can also attend Professional Courses when they are 14 years old.
The school year starts in September and the 1st term ends before Christmas. At Christmas and Easter we have 2 weeks holidays.The 2nd term ends before Easter, there is a 3 days break at Carnival. The school year finishes at the end of June.
Our lessons start at 8:30, we usually have lunch at 13:35 at the school canteen or at home. In the afternoon we finish lessons at 16:25.Some students attend extra lessons till 17:15. Others attend different clubs. There are several clubs at our school: sports, Maths, Music / Rock, Cooking and Theater.
We like our school. The Library in very cosy. There is also a gymnasium, a cafeteria and a canteen.


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