Tuesday, January 11, 2011


"Placing companion animals in school curricula encourages the moral, spiritual and personal development of each child, bringing social benefits to the school community and enhancing opportunities for learning in various areas of the school curriculum" Rio declaration of the International association of Human Animal Interaction, Rio de Janeiro, 12 September 2001.

The use of pets at school has got a lot of benefits for children, teachers and the school community. These are some of them:

For children:
- motivate them to learn and think.
- improve their relationships.
- encorage a respect and reverence for life.
- foster a sense of responsability in pupils.

For techers:
- reducing stress and improving self-esteem because pets produce a calming effect on pupils.

For the school community:
- encourage the involvement of parents and the wider community in school activity.

Pupils in 6th class has got a pet. Its name is Bigotes. It is a hamster. They take care of it with a lot of love.

This is what they write about Bigotes:

Our hamster is white, grey, black and brown.
Her eyes are black.
She's got small ears.
She is very funny.
She's got  a long moustache and She can run very fast. She sleeps a lot, every morning.

We love Bigotes!

* Moustache = Bigotes


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