Monday, March 28, 2011

Sheikha Dr Hind Al Qassimi of the U.A.E. visited Lousã

Sheikha Dr Hind Al Qassimi of the United Arab Emirates, has recently visited our hometown, Lousã. The aim of this visit was to check how the Portuguese electronic platform called Camões (a famous poet) is being used in some of the Primary schools of our group of schools. This platform was created by the firm Microfil and it enhances e-learning and enables the use of the interactive board in class. A group of students of Class 9th B have participated in the welcoming session which took place at the Town Hall. They have done a presentation intitled " Lousã: the pupils, the schools and region".

Ana Margarida, Eva Brink, Francisca Matos, Pedro Moreira, class B, 9th grade, School: Escola Básica nº 2 da Lousã


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