Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On the 5th May 2011, our School, Miguel de Cervantes, participated in an important event about Bilingual Sections in our province, Toledo.
The Teacher Center invited us to tell our experience with the e-twinning project:
"The goblins of four seasons"
developed during the school year 2009-2010.
So, the old students recorded this beautiful and emotive video, in order to show it and aim to other schools to participate in e-twinning projects.


Maria Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful video with us. Pupils of Primary School of Rionero in Vulture . have seen this video and were very satisfied. We realized too, about a month ago, a video-on experience in eTwinning, created by a regional seminar in eTwinning. We insert it in the next post to share it with you.
Bye by students of Primary School of Rionero in Vulture

María Jesús said...

Thanks a lot. I hope to watch your video-on experience in eTwinning too. It was fantastic for these children in the viedo, working in the project "The goblins of four seasons" last school year. And they enjoyed a lot recording this video for all you.

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