Saturday, September 10, 2011

The school year beginning in Poland

On 1st September 2011 in Poland we started the new school year. At our school we all gathered on the school yard to take part in the ceremony with the head teacher, who welcomed all the students.

1st September is also an anniversary of Second World War outbreak in Poland (it happened in 1939 - Germany attacked Poland) and we remember those terrible days. The WW2 lasted for almost 6 years and in Poland children weren't allowed to go to school then.

For good start class 5b presented the ideal student recipe - it was fun:).

This school year looks very long as it finishes on 29th June 2012 :(

Sara made a photo film from this day.


María Jesús said...

It's great back to school again! In Spain children come back tomorrow morning. Then we will show you our experiences!
Welcome again to the "children and reporters magazine"

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