Monday, October 24, 2011

Tragedy in the Malaysian GP

Tragedy on the track in Sepang, Malaysia.The Italian rider Marco Simoncelli has died today at Sepang during the Grand Prix Moto GP in Malaysia. During the second round of the Grand Prix, Simoncelli fell alone in the curve. While sliding on the track was hit by two other motorcycles, Yamaha of Colin Edwards and the Ducati of Valentino Rossi
Rescue immediately by doctors of the Clinica Mobile, Simoncelli had tire marks on the neck and died shortly after the incident to a cardiac arrest.
The last fatal accident had happened in MotoGP in 2003, when the Japanese rider Daijiro Kato crashed into the barriers during the Grand Prix at Suzuka, Japan.


María Jesús said...

I saw the accident. It was horrible. In Spain, we feel very upset.

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