Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dear Charlotte Pedersen and pupils:
How are you in Denmark? We like the video about Halloween in Denmark that you published in children and reporters, specially the photo of the wolf. Do you like our video? We like yours news. And Do you like our news? Some days ago Mª Jesus gave us a diploma of children and reportes. I would like recive a letter from you and your pupils.

Bye bye
From Javi Medina and Daniela.


Maria Teresa said...

Hi, it's a very beautiful idea let to our students to communicate by post.You could extend this initiative to other schools. You could also make a chain of friendship made ​​with the drawings or the poems of our students using the postal communication

María Jesús said...

Thanks! You and your pupils will recive another one, you only have to wait, maybe they finish your letter on monday. We have chosen the most active members! We hope your answers and your letters too. Have a nice night!

Maria Teresa said...

Thanks Maria, I'll inform my pupils abour your letter. They will be very...very happy.

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