Friday, November 18, 2011

The duckling out of tune

PLOT-In a forest lived a family consisting of seven ducklings and their mother. All, except the seventh, were musical genes so that their name corresponded to that of musical notes: do,Re,Mi,Fa,Sol,La,Si In despair for his diversity Si decided to abandon his family and the place where he lived. One night while everyone slept part in the search for a place where all the inhabitants were not intoned. After a while time Si is reflected in the bustle of the city. All of a sudden see a traffic light and stops to talk with him. The traffic light when realize what a color of duckiling abruptly him away. In despair the Duckling wanders the city streets until encounters a rich man who apparently gentle asks him why his anguish and finally reveals its intention to enclose the Duckling in a cage and use it as an object of the game for his nephew .
Scared by this episode the Duckling runs quickly to seek help from his mother. All when see the ducklining back happy embrace him. The mother makes him understand that should not be considered inferior to the other brothers for its diversity because while his brothers would become good musicians he would have valued other qualities and abilities of which he was gifted. It follows from this follows the idea of diversity as a value for us and for society as a whole. Equality is not given by knowing how to do the same thing or all behave the same way but in possibility that everyone has to assert himself freely


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