Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Spanish authorities consider Mad Cow disease risk is over in our country; as a consequence, stockbreeders are allowed again to let their dead animals in places where they can be eaten by scavenger birds like vultures.

From the Mad Cow disease appears till now, Spanish stockbreeders and farmers have had to burn or bury animals died by aging, accident, etc. This fact made that vultures concentrated in protected Nature Parks, where they can only eat dead wild animals. As food was not enough, the number of these birds was decreasing.

More than the 50% of vultures in Europe live in Spain. We’ve got three main different species: Griffon vulture, Black vulture and Bearded Vulture you can see at the pictures.

Now, experts hope we can watch again these wonderful birds flying all along our sky.

Bearded Vulture
Griffon Vulture
Black Vulture


María Jesús said...

It is a very interesting new! I didn't know that the 50% of vultures live in our country. Good work Charo!!

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