Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Poland we have All Saints' Day

Halloween in Poland isn't celebrated. On 1st November we celebrate All Saints' Day. It's a very solemn festival. We go to the cemeteries and decorate tombs with flowers and lights. Holy masses are celebrated on the cemeteries. Before 1st November children with teachers go to cemetery and clean the unknown people's and soldiers' tombs.
Sara G, class 6b, SP9 Dzierżoniów


María Jesús said...

In Spain we celebrate All Saint's day too. Halloween is a new festival imported from the United States and the English culture. All Saint's day is a tradition in Spain. We go to the cementeries and give flowers to our deceased members of our family and friends.

María Jesús said...

The iadea of cleaning the unknow people's and soldier's tombs is very emotive. We like it.
Thanks Anna.

Maria Teresa said...

Also in Italy we celebrate All Saint's day. On this day the school remains closed and it is a national holiday. All go to the cemetery to bring flowers and candles on the graves of their loved ones. On the 2nd November in Italy is the Feast of the dead. Both of these occurrences belong to our cultural tradition.

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