Sunday, December 4, 2011

From olive to oil

The Vulture area in which we live, is typical for the production of olive oil Denomination of Protected Origin. Its color  is yellow with green highlights, its taste sweet . We use olive oil as a base for many dishes from the kitchen, for bruschetta with tomato, salad dressings and vegetables in general. Driven by curiosity, along with teachers, we decided to see how olive oil is produced. We are so gone before in an olive grove to pick olives, then to the mill to observe the process of transformation from the olive to oil. We realized that to get a good oil should be pointed out some very important steps and comply with the hygiene and cleanliness. For the pressing of olives and oil extraction are allowed only mechanical and physical processes, it is forbidden to use products to chemical action.


anna sz. said...

Great trip! I'm sure your students will remember it for a very long time :)

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