Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My name is Bojka Ristova, I'm twelve and I am Macedonian.
Three years ago I came to Italy to spend some 'time with my mom. I loved my new home, especially my new country "Italy". I thought that by staying here my life would change. So I stayed in Italy, Rionero inVulture. I enrolled in this school. The manager and the teachers welcomed me very well. I was a bit sad at the begin, because I missed my friends and because I did not know the language, but because my new classmates were younger than me a year and a half. Day after day I used to be with peers than with teachers. The rioneresi, the teachers, companions, friends made ​​me feel one of them. I want to thank my mom, but most of the teachers who love me and made me learn so many beautiful things. I wish one day I should obtain Italian citizenship to feel that in all respects and at all times to help foreigners who feel disoriented as I felt myself.
Bojka Ristova class V E T.P.


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