Tuesday, December 20, 2011

6th December - Santa Claus's Day in Poland

On 6th December in Poland we celebrate Santa Claus's Day and on that day Santa comes to children with lots of presents. In schools it looks different: children make presenta to each other, sometimes parents buy and make percels to the whole class, sometimes childen go on trips. At our school the tradition is sports competition: students in each year take part in races - we haven't got lessons on that day. Santa brings sweets. All have fun!!!
Do you have the same festival in your countries?


Maria Teresa said...

Hello, very nice idea of this competitive sport. In our school a few days before the Christmas break, Avis volunteers dressed as Santa Claus, bring gifts to children. In addition, pupils and teachers buy a cake and the proceeds will be donated to charity at the family home of our host country of the cancer patients

María Jesús said...

Great! We wait for The Three Magic Kings. They come to school tomorrow morning, and they bring presents for all the children on the 6th of january.

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