Friday, January 20, 2012


On the 24th of November, children in the 1st cycle of Primary Education visited the dental office in El Toboso, Toledo. Santiago, the dentist, answered the questions that the children asked him.
Children gave him a poem as a present that they had already written to thanks for his attention.
The dentist also give a present to them, a toothbrush to encourage them to clean their teeth every day.


AmeshaRobber said...

Alexa has feared the dentist for years, but did perfectly well at her last visit (last week). I hope it continues. Lillian just lays there and lets them do what they need to do - no sweat!
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anna sz. said...

I hope the children won't be afraid of dentist any more. Good idea and great experience for children!

Kathy said...

This kind of event should be done frequently. Good thing the kids had a good time visiting the dentist. Well, that may be because they came as a group. That can be a good idea for parents who find their kids too frightened of dental visits.

Kathy Frederickson

Ted Grimmer said...

How nice of the dental office in El Toboso to accommodate the children. They even gave away toothbrushes! Anyway, it is good to let the kids visit the dental clinics sometimes; it will be a good chance to let them understand the importance of keeping teeth healthy. Plus, it will encourage them to start a habit that can be beneficial in the long run.

@Ted Grimmer

Nelson Ishida said...

It’s great to see that these kids are having fun visiting the dentist. I hope other children out there will also not be afraid of going to the dentist. It’s fun, and a great experience! :D Dentists nowadays are making a lot of effort to make children more comfortable, and less afraid of them. Most of their facilities have rooms wherein kids can play games, and they give them presents that children will truly enjoy.

Nelson Ishida

Calandra said...

Well, it’s just really normal for kids to be afraid of visiting the dentist because of the stories they’ve heard from other people. Parents should share good stories to their children about going to the dentist. Likewise, it’s also a good thing that dentists truly exert effort on how they are going to make it a fun and great experience for kids. Like what Nelson said, child-friendly facilities have been designed to make kids feel at ease as they visit their dentist.

Calandra Janocha

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