Monday, February 20, 2012

A spider in our school

Today a spider came to visit us in our school. He was leaning on a window sill of our corridor. Asking for explanations to the teacher told us that this is the typical spiderdancer, named for the movements it performs when it is disturbed.The spider is an arthropod that belongs to arachnids. The body is composed of two parts, joined by a thin pedicle: the front, said cephalothorax, is provided with six pairs of appendages, while the latter is always free of limbs and contains glands serigene from which protrudes a secretion of liquid which to 'air it solidifies, forming a strong thread, from which originates the web. It is carnivorous and predatory, feeding on any insects that inadvertently gets caught in its web.The spider dancer usually does not cause any harm to people. Feeding on insects that regularly enter the homes (flies, mosquitoes, etc..), We can consider a discrete insecticide.


Anonymous said...

Wow .! I'm scared when I see a spider . You and your friends not scary . Cool ;)))

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