Monday, March 12, 2012


  Teachers of Miguel de Cervantes School are learning English. Every Monday afternoon they have english lessons and there, they make materials to teach to their pupils.
They are developing a project called "Cervantes speaks english", so they teach some subjects using English language as the vehicle of communication instead  of spanish language. These subjects are Art and Science, History and Geography in the 5th and 6th classes.
Next year they want to continue the project in the 3rd and 4th classes too. For this reason they are working hard this school year.

Well done teachers!!!
Misi and Inmaculada.
Mari Felix, Ángel and Toñi.

Mari Carmen, Toñi, Mercedes and Pilar.

Ángel and María Rosa.
María Jesús and Charo, The teachers.


anna sz. said...

Contratulations to all the teachers!!! It will give you a great possibility to take part in many European projects. Good luck!!!

Daniela said...

I like a lot. I would like teachers in other countries do the same. Good work!

Maria Teresa said...

Hello, congratulations to all the teachers ...
Even in Italy the Ministry of Education is launching a training program for teachers in the English language. Adapting to European legislation, in fact, over the next year all teachers will add to their daily lessons the teaching of English. So far, English was taught by specialist teachers or specialist. In the coming years will not be so.

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