Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My favorite team

My favorite team is Juventus.

Juventus was born in 1897. At the begin, players were wearing the shirt that was pink in color but later, in 1903, became two of the team colors: black and white and still are the same.
Juventus have won 27 league titles to date, 9 Italian Cups, 4 Italian Super Cups, 2 Champions League (European Cup), 1 Cup Winners' Cup, 3 UEFA Cups, 2 European Super Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups, ,  a broken tournament and 1 Cup of the Alps.Today  Juventus is second in the Italian league to minus 4 points from Milan, which is the league leaders. On 20 May there will be the Italian Cup final in Rome against Naples, and I will go to the stadium to see my favorite team. I am a fan of Juventus because it is a strong team and my favorite player is Simone Pepe.
Aristodemo and Simone class II C


Mª De la Sierra Martínez Castro said...

It's a fantastic new!! Congratulations, mi favorite team is a Football Club Barcelona. I'm realized video

Kacper said...

We love football.
We remember Polish footballers (Lech Poznań) playing against Juve. Unfortunately for you, Lech won. Marcel and Nicolas

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