Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Reading Olympics

Also this year our class has participated in the Reading Olympics. We read a book written by Emanuela Da Ros: "I hate math."
It's about a boy of V class, like us, named Leonardo, who must daily confront her teacher, Flora, with his specialty and personalized math problems,  his mother Flame, the cat Artichoke, the canary  Totty, the sport and his sympathetic friend Rudi.
He is  immersed in adventures really cute.
The test consisted in a battery of 5 open-ended questions, two anagrams and a crosswords. The tournament was won by the class V ^ H (22 students) who will attend the next phase and will be compared with the winning classes of the other regional Educational Institutions.


anna sz. said...

Good idea for a contest. I think they like it a lot. :)

Maria Teresa said...

Thanks Anna...

cristina said...

Could youb send us more details about the book "I hate Maths" or where it is available, please? Is there an English version? " of our classes are learning Spanish so if it is only available in Spanish, maybe some of our students can read it.

Maria Teresa said...

Cristina I'm very happy this book like you. I send you the link in italian and still
I don't know if this book is also in english or spanish.

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