Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

TITLE: Sleeping Beauty
AUTOR: Charles Perrault
EDITORIAL: Cuentos clásicos

Once upon a time there was a king who had a daughter, the princess.
Fairies were invited to the kingdom, and each one gave her a gift. One gave her the gift of beauty, another gift of the sweetest voice, and finally, the last one gave her the gift of the goodness of an angel.
When they finished of giving gifts, a wicked fairy appeared and gave her a gift that when she turned fifteen, the princess pricks with a needle and die. 

The king ordered to burn all the needles of the kingdom.
But when she was fifteen, when the girl was playing hide and seek she saw an elderly lady sewing and there was another lady, the princess asked her as she sewed. She told her to try and sew and when she was pricked with the needle, and the lady who was sewing, she began to laugh and it was the wicked witch in disguise.
The final is very interesting. I recommend it.

Written by Daniela.


anna sz. said...

In Poland we know this fairy tale as well. But I think it's rather for girls. Good work Daniela!

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