Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday 7 February 2012:Safer Internet Day!

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day pupils of class II CDE we have organized a number of activities aimed at learning more about the world of the Internet and the ability to navigate safely. First we made ​​an interview with our friends to find out how they use the Internet every day, then we have developed a handbook on security. With the design we have represented the way we see the WEB.

Do not lose your bearings ... Some simple rules to safely navigate the Internet 

 1. Use the internet under the guidance of a parent or trusted adult.
2. Do not provide personal information such as name, address, school, phone number , photos.
3. If you open an account Set your personal information so they are visible to only your friends.
4. Choose a password difficult to guess
5. Never tell anyone your password.
6. Do not fill out forms without parental consent.
7. Do not accept gifts from strangers. Behind the free and free is almost always hide the devil's tricks.
8. Tell your parents or a trusted adult any suspicious.
9. Do not  meet with persons know on the Internet without first informing your parents or a trusted adult.
10. Behave in a courteous manner, respecting the rules of the internet. 

Class II C-D-E


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