Monday, March 26, 2012


In Our school we are developing a programme about healthy breakfast. Teachers and families  teach children to eat fruit.  We want to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables in children.
Teachers are sharing out Kiwis.
Following the European  initiave to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables among school children, the  Educational Ministry, the health Ministry and the Agriculture and Fishing Ministry, started the development of an integral project of distribution of fruit and vegetables in public schools last  year 2011.
Javier and María de la Sierra are eating a Kiwi.
In this year, 2012, This initiative will be developed in 760 publich schools. One of these schools is "CEIP Miguel de Cervantes", El Toboso.


anna sz. said...

In Poland for seeral year at primary schools children get milk for free, and the youngest students (years 1,2 and 3) also get fruit and vegetsbles.

Daniela said...

This day my friends and me eating eight kiwis, is very delicius!!!

Maria Teresa said...

Well! The fruit is a good food and we think it should encourage more consumption. Spread the fruit and other wholesome foods in schools is a way for us students to get used to a healthy and correct diet. As we have already had occasion to write another post in our own school, the fruit is distributed to recreation, at 10.30 A.M. Of course it's organic fruit naturally treated.
Pupils of class II E

grzejnik1999 said...

This day is good , I think we must do more such action days in school .

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