Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter in Macedonia - The testimony of a student

In Macedonia we celebrate Easter always after the first full moon of spring. This year coincides with April 15. You begin to breathe the air of Easter a week before  Sunday, that is during the "Week of the palms," or, as it is called in Italy, the "Holy Week". The The Holy Friday is the day when we colour and decorate eggs. On the morning of Easter Sunday children go into homes shouting "Christ is risen." People gives an egg to every child. Another custom is that on Saturday night people go in church .. At midnight you can hear the bells ringing in celebration. People  takes a garland of flowers and turns around the church . Then he goes inside to participate in the Mass. The first thing people do when  enter is leave a donation and then passes under a table. On Easter Sunday the whole family gathers together for lunch and dinner. The Easter dinner is rich and festive: lamb, pork roast, sarme, ham, salami, sausages, bread, tursija, ajvar, buns, kajmak ..... and like in Italy there is a dove. Then the night is awake the whole family together to see the film of the story of Jesus. But the greatest thing is the battles of eggs in which partecipate also the adults. The winning egg (ie does not break) you hold it until Easter the following year .. they say it protects the house, its tenants and their livestock.
Bojka class V E


María Jesús said...

It is a great tradition. The battle of eggs is very interesting. We would like to participate in one.
Children in 6th class, el Toboso, Spain.

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