Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dental prevention

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Today had a meeting with the dental hygienist, for the dental prevention organized by our school. We learned so many new things.
The teeth are alive and if you do not treat them well are being felt. The teeth are used to chew the food in our intestines, do not send it  in one piece. We also need to talk, because the language has to slam on something, so if we did not have the teeth we could not speak. There are different types of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. The incisors and canines are used for cutting. We can compare them with a knife. The molars and premolars, instead, are used to grind food and we can compare them with a nutcracker. Teeth change throughout the life cycle. Around the age of six years are twenty teeth, by contrast, adults are thirty. We must learn to take care of the teeth from an early age  otherwise if you do not grow them rot. It's good rule of eating healthy foods: meat, eggs, fish, vegetables while sweets in moderation. Milk is the most complete food because it contains proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, food all profits to the vitality of the tooth.

The golden rules for healthy teeth

1) Make checks every six months to the dentist.
2) Brush your teeth after every meal.
3) Brush your teeth for two minutes
4) Change your toothbrush every month
5) Use a fluoride toothpaste
6) Brush the teeth starting from the gums to the teeth by holding the mouth open
7) Use a small brush head with soft bristles


María Jesús said...

Good rules!! It is a great activity!!

Bartek said...

Very good article. We all need such meetings because we forget about taking care of our teeth very often.

Anonymous said...

Yes , it's good idea. ;D We must brush teeth very often. xD

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