Monday, May 14, 2012

Juve champions Italy

On May 13, Juventus, with a score of 3-1 against the 'Atalanta, won its 30th league title. Juventus after ten years of waiting, he won with a total score of 84 points, fair field and unbeaten in the League, the coveted title. With this victory, Juventus became Campione d 'Italy.
  Its captain, Alex Del Piero played the last game with this team and greeted all emotional. At the end of the game all the Juve fans celebrated while the players lifted the trophy in victory.

 In Rionero we celebrated with a parade through the streets of the country this victory . Each of us had flags, scarves, hats and banners of Juve.Tutti we sang the hymn of Juventus and we enjoyed it very much. We are happy that Juve won and now we get ready to cheer for the next Championship.


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