Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It is the end of the school year 2011-2012.
Children from El Toboso (Spain) finished school on the 21st of June. Teachers continue working until the 29th of June.
Pupils had a different school day on the last 21st. They played the games that teachers organized specially for them. And they had a lot of fun.
After games,  In the clossing session, pupils of  6th class recived a border and a certificate.
They said goodbye to their school where have spent 12 years of their lifes, and their teachers.
It was a very emotional farewell.

This was the program:
1. "Game of the chair" by teacher Inmaculada.
2. " Steal the flingsock" by teacher Misi.
3. " The poison" by teacher Rocío.
4. "The water balloons" by teacher María Jesús.
5. "Gymkana" by teacher Magdalena.
6. "Mazaball" by teacher Maria Rosa.
7. "Classroom games" by teacher Charo.

Written by Ángel Gerardo Gómez Salazar, the headmaster.


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