Saturday, October 30, 2010

School year in Poland


We are Zuzia and Sara. We are 11 years old and we go to Szkoła Podstawowa nr 9 in Dzierżoniów, Poland.

We want to write you about the school year in Poland.

The school year has got two terms.

We start school year and the first term on 1st September and finish at the end of January.

We have about 2 weeks holiday at Christmas (from 22nd December to the first work day in January). There are two bank holidays in November: 1st (All Saints' Day) and 11th (Independence Day).

The second term we start at the beginning of February and we have two weeks of winter holiday. This year we have it in the second half of February. It depends on voivoidship we are in.

At Easter we have 6 days holiday and another two bank holidays in May: 1st and 3rd (Constitution Day) and one more in June: Corpus Christi.

The school year finishes on the last Friday of June. This year we finish it on Wednesday 22nd June because of the Corpus Christi on Thursday 23rd June.

We have about 9-10 weeks of summer holiday. What about you?


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