Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The last tuesday, the 26th of October, Sir Braulio, the Archibishop of Toledo, visited our school.

We asked him some questions:

P. How many churches have you visited?
A. One thousand in Castilla y Leon, and one hundred in Toledo.
P. Why did you want to be a priest?
A. Because when I was a child a priest was my friend and He encouraged me to be a priest too.
P. How do you feel near God?
A. Every one is near god! I feel good.
P. Do you like sports?
A. Yes I do. I like football and basketball.
P. Have you ever met the Pope?
A. Yes, I met Juan Pablo II and Benedicto XVI.
P. What did you play when you were five years old?
A. I played "hide and seek" and other traditional games.

We finished the interview and said thanks to the Archibishop for his visit, and he continued visiting other classes.

See you friends.

Written by Marcos and Gema.


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