Saturday, October 15, 2011

EB nº2 da Lousã has been selected to be part of the Microsoft Innovative Schools Program

"Congratulations! Your school has been selected to be a Pathfinder School as part of the Microsoft Partners in learning for Schools Program! As a Pathfinder School, you were selected because you have the potential to create scalable and replicable educational transformation that can influence schools within your own community, country and around the world. As the school leader, you have proven that you have community and professional support for the change process and strong school-level leadership. You have an overall vision for what you want to achieve, and the Pathfinder Schools program will help you refine the vision, make it stronger and implement it."

This is certainly a very interesting and enriching new challenge for students, teachers, parents and staff. It will enable our group of schools to have access to new experiences and to exchange ideas and learning and teaching practices with other schools around the world.
As part of the application process a short video has been created by students and teachers. It shows the guidelines of our Education Project.

Link to the video:


María Jesús said...

Wonderful! It's fantastic and very beautiful what you do in your shcool. Congratulations!

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