Sunday, October 16, 2011

Indignatos in the world

On October 15, in different parts of the world, young people,  unemployeds and precarious " outraged" gathered to protest about the economic crisis.
The movement of "outraged" is borned in Spain the last 15 May 2011 and then has spread all over the world.
The protest was focused on the following points:
--rejection of the concept of austerity as a key to tackle the crisis and resolve it.
-the denunciation of the effects of austerity policies that encourage social inequalities.
-emphasize that the austerity policies favoring private economic and financial interest.
About  952 city in  82 country have been interested  in the protest,  even if the eyes have been focused mainly on New York, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Athens and Rome, the city most symbolic and where the protest was  more massive.
New york :march on Times Square.
For the occasion
Occupy Wall Street has organized several events throughout the day, including a march in the morning under the seat of Chase Bank, which culminated at 5 pm with a "great convergence" in Times Square.
Madrid: cortege from suburbs in Puerto Del Sol .
In Madrid, a symbolic place for the diverse and multifaceted movement, thousands of people marched in the afternoon from the suburbs of the Spanish capital to the Puerta del Sol, Other Events have been organized in dozens of cities Spain, including Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao.
Athens in place brfore the general strike
In Athens, the capital of the European country hardest hit by the debt crisis, was convoked a demonstration at Syntagma Square in Athens, home to the parliament, theater in the spring of 2010 of events , strikes, and sometimes clashes with dead and wounded.
ROME, 150 thousand people CENTER
At the cry of 'We do not pay the debt' and 'Unite for Global Change', tens of thousands of outraged took to the streets of central Rome "against the economic policies of European governments , banks and multinational. "In the capital there were more than 150 000 protesters, who have given birth in the early afternoon a courtege from the premises peaceful and constructive, but that because of some groups of Black Blok, has degenerated into disorders and violence.


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