Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Letter to Crisitna Silva and her pupils

Dear Cristina Silva,

How are you? We are well. We are children of sixth class. We live in El Toboso. We like the pumpkin you have made in halloween We´d like to know you and your pupils. We would like to write letters to your pupils.

See you soon.

Love from Marina, David and Britany


cristina said...

Hi Marina, David and Britany
Thanks for your message, tomorrow I'll read it with my students. We meet every Wednesday at 9.15 to work on eTwinning. We will post some photos of our Hallowe'en mask contest.
By the way, my daughter's name is also Marina, she's 16 and studies in Coimbra. Coimbra is a beautiful city in the centre of Portugal, it is 28 km far from Lousã.
greetings from Lousã, Portugal
Cristina Silva

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