Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A letter to Anna and her pupils.

Hello Anna and pupils!
How are you? We are writing from Spain. We are Mª de la Sierra and Marcos. Now we are writing on the project of Children and Reporters . And we are writing a letter to yo. We are childrens of 6h class. We wait you like our letter . We like your new about All saint's day. You have made an excellent work. We'd like writing letters to your pupils or make a videoconference to see you.
Bye Bye!
We are delighted writing to you.
Good Bye Anna and Pupils.


anna sz. said...

Thank you for your nice letter. My students are going to reply on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Hello !!!
Your letter is very nice ;D Thank you ...I'd like to visit Spain very much , when we're going on summer holiday I say to my dad :
- Why we don't go to Spain ?
- No we go to the Italy or Croatia ...
;D Sarka

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