Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello. My name is Inmaculada. I am from El Toboso. I am a primary teacher in Miguel de Cervantes school, in El Toboso. I am in fourth class and I teach spanish language, math, art and science.My favorite subject is math. There are twenty-three children in my class. I love children! I enjoy teaching.

Paquita, in the 4th class,  is showing us the material  that she use to comunicate with her son.

 The last 2nd of February, Paquita visited us to talk about her experience as a mother of Angel. He is an autistic boy that lives in our village and he was provided schooling in our school some years ago.
During the second term  we will study the dsicapacieties, for this reason,  in the second cycle, we have considered to teach the autism because it is  very unknown and at the same time it is very closer to us.
The meeting with Paquita was very interesting and constructive.

It made an impresion on all the pupils. We are very greatful to her and we admire her work as a courage mother whose devotion, patience and love are the  motor of her life..

Written by Inmaculada.


anna sz. said...

Wonderful idea to show children other kids, kids with special needs. In Polish school this year we are working on a project 'Eco-bridge connects us' with children with special needs (they all are disabled). It's really a great experience for all of us. I hope soon my students will write about this project here.

María Jesús said...

Thany you. "Eco-Bridge connects us" Looks a great project!!

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