Monday, February 13, 2012

Microsoft Partners in Learning Innovative Schools network Videoconference

The 1st videoconference of Coaching Team nr 8 was held on the 25th January, so that students could exchange experiences and get to know the other school members of this Microsoft Partners in Learning team. Rui (class7 th C), Joana and Sara (8th B); Antonio (9th A) and Ana Rita ( 9 th C) presented the students, the school and the region of Lousã to their partner schools from the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Czech Republic and also to their mentor school from the Azores. On the 2nd February they could also watch the presentations of the other schools. Last year Escola Básica nº2 da Lousã became part of the Microsoft Partners in Learning Innovative Schools network and it was already represented at the Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum held in November in Washington DC.
Rui Matos and Francisco Almeida, EB nº2 da Lousã, class C, 7th grade


anna sz. said...

Congratulations!!! In the photo I can see familiar faces :) I'm a bit jelous. This program gives you great possibilities and students cn really develope their ICT skills. Congratulations again!!!

cristina said...

Thanks Anna! Yes, it is very good for students and also for teachers, as we can exchange views with other teachers and have virtual university sessions. I think this program is also available in your country, try to contact the Microsoft representative, because your school could also apply and try to be part of Partners in Learning network because your school is also involved in ICT projects. kisses and hugs from Lousã

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