Friday, March 23, 2012

The Ape Maia is 100 years old.

In 2012 the Ape Maia is 100 years old.
The Ape Maia is a cartoon loosely based on the novel by German author Waldemar Bonsels. 'The Life of the Bee Maia and the people of the sky'. Was transformed into a cartoon by Josef Goehlen, presenter of the TV guys in the ZDF in 1973, and Maia Bee reader. The book recounts the adventures of the Bee Maia who leaves her hive to discover the world. Meet friends, as Willi, and Flip. The story is about "the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of not finding anyone that understands us. Talk of the things that brings life, joy, sadness, luck and death "
The Ape Maia cartoon was produced in Japan and arrived in Italy in '79 initially Rai1 with drawings by Marty Murphy and Katia Swiss's song "Fly away into the Ape Maia." The cartoon did fall in love the public, becoming a classic for generations of children. It continues to be one of the most beloved cartoon as children and adults.


Gema said...

I like it because when I was 3 years I saw bee maia.

anna sz. said...

In Poland bee Maia was very popular 30, 20 and even 10 years ago. I remember us kids watching this cartoon on Sunday evenings at 7 pm. The Polish version of the song was really very popular and I think all middle-aged Poles know at least a part of it. I'll find it on YouTube and let you see and listen to it. :)

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