Thursday, March 22, 2012


Olives with snow
Heavy snow in Castilla La Mancha
     On the 20th March Spring came. After a very  sunny, warm and dry winter, Spring came with heavy snow  and low temperatures to our region "Castilla La Mancha". Weather is crazy! Is it a consequence of the climate change? What do you think?

There is an important drought in Spain. So this snowfall has been very usefull and important for us. Now we hope rain falls from the sky this spring.


Maria Teresa said...

Certainly spring is presented to you in a completely original ... unfortunately with the greenhouse effect and consequent climatic changes we think that the seasons, so as we used to see them no longer exist. We have to get used to this!With us, however, Spring has arrived with a beautiful clear skies and a mild sun
Maria Teresa and her pupils of class II C.

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