Thursday, March 1, 2012

ONCE: National Organitation of Spanish blind persons.

Every year children of Miguel de Cervantes School, work in a project developed by the ONCE. This year the topic is: Make your town accesible.
Children have worked in teams. And they have recorded very interesting viedeos showing us how we can help handicapped people.
In this video we can see children introducing themselves. Their names are Ana, Rodrigo, Gema and Javier. Do you know who is who?
They are using the dactilologic spanish language.


María Jesús said...


anna sz. said...

Rodrigo, Gema, Ana Javier - Am I right? But it's really difficult. It seems very , very different to Polish datilologi language. I know all the alphabet in Polish, and almost all the letters look different. I think they should make the dactilologic language similar to each other.
Great idea to teach students such skills. Congratulations!!!

María Jesús said...

Thanks! You are right.I Think There are some diferences in the datilologi language in each country. We only know how to perform the alphabet. One partner, Toñi, another teacher in our school, has taught us the dactilological alphabet.

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