Thursday, March 1, 2012


TITLE: The Smurf
AUTHOR: Raja Gosnell
The smurfs  live in village, their enemy is Gargamel. Suddenly a smurf called Clumsy go to  a place where a magician captures a Clumsy and the other smurfs go to help.
But Gargamel  the magician captures all the smurf and demolishes their village. Clumsy flees across a wrong road, and the other smurfs, have no choice but to follow.  Gargamel follows them and the smurfs open a portal and appear in New York and the smurfs will live a lot of advenutres  in that city.
I think this film is very exciting and very interesant, I recommend this film.

Written by Claudia


anna sz. said...

In Poland we also have 'Smurfs' at the cinemas.Some of my students have already seen it and they like it a lot. For tens of years 'Smurfs' were played on Polish tv. I remember smurfs from my childhood, so Smurfs are much older than you! Good work Claudia!

anna sz. said...

I like this film! ♥
The film is very exciting, very interesanting and very funny.

Good work! ;)

Isa from Poland

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