Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Giorgio Gaber- Bella ciao ( Hello beautiful )

Since 1946 on the occasion of Liberation Day in many Italian cities are organized demonstrations, marches and memorials in memory of the event.

A symbol of this day is the song  "Bella ciao" an Italian folk song, that became famous during the Resistance because it was ideally associated with the Italian partisan movement.


Kacper said...

We like the partisan's song. In Poland thee were many famous (to these days) songs sung by partisans and soldiers during WW2.

Maria Teresa said...

This is only one song.We also have a vast repertoire of songs partisan. We also have a vast repertoire of partisan songs . In this video you can find a mix of Italian partisan songs
Other songs are available at the following site

grzejnik1999 said...

Wow , it's very interesting . This is so cool . ;D

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