Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012: Liberation Day

On Apr-25 in Italy is Liberation Day, we remember the anniversary of liberation from the Nazis and  Fascist. This event put an end to the tragic period of grief and ruins, giving begin the process of liberation of Italy. A few years later, from the ideas of democracy and freedom, is born the Italian Constitution. 
Inevitably our thoughts went to all those people  who still today suffer oppression, lack of freedom, the violation of their human and civil rights. We thought, therefore, to express our ideas making this video, that Is, this advance publicity. If you  agree with us express your ideas in the comments box below.


María Jesús said...

Your new is excellent! It is very interesting. It transmits good feelings. We don't like wars, only Star Wars film.
We like nature, it is very important for our life.
You are true, we must lern about the past mistakes. All together can get the peace all over the world.
Children in 6th class.

Sandra said...

Is excellent!

anna sz. said...

Wonderful film! Fantastic pictures! And very important idea! Exellent work. We all have to work for freedom, like you do.

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