Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Green Week at SP9 Dzierżoniów, Poland

Because of the Earth Day in April every year we have 'Green Week', when we do a lot of ecoactivities. This year the it was from 16th to 20th April. During this week we did the following activities:
- we promoted recycling (the whole school year we collect used batteries, plastic bottle tops and paper);
- we promoted healthy food with fruit and juice stall at school;
- some contests about ecology took place (two school contests and a regional one);
- children of year 3 made posters about saving energy in our life;
- in the classrooms children grew plants;
- children collected food for animals from the animal shelter;
- one class was on a trip with students with special needs in the Forest School;
- An assembly with play promoting ecology took place on the last day of the 'Green Week'.

How do you celebrate the Earth Day at your school?


Maria Teresa said...

Very interesting way to celebrate Earth day.In our school We celebrate Earth Day every day promoting an ecological attitude in our pupils, recycling material to create art work, saving resources, planting and taking care of plants, guiding our students to the discovery and exploitation of the surrounding territory and the resources thereof.

cristina said...

Your fruit and juice stall looks really nice and healthy! All the ecoactivities are very appealling - inviting everyone to be eco-friendly

María Jesús said...

Very beautiful photos!! It is a good idea. We don't celebrate earth day, but we plant trees for the tree day. We like the sausages!!

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