Thursday, April 19, 2012

Interview Fitness instructor

Teacher Danilo why did you decide to choose this profession? 
I chose this area for my job because from a young matured a huge passion for every kind of sport,
  What is the importance of physical activity in children and adolescents? 
 The period ranging from 6 years to 14 years for both sexes, depending on how it is lived , can largely affect the well-being and mental and physical balance in the adult. Recently, many social upheavals have led to increasing levels of physical inactivity especially in childhood. A similar reversal of trends, habits and patterns of behavior has generated a series of restrictions and constraints on the physical and mental, directly proportional to the degree of social welfare. Children and adolescents, both male and female, could achieve great benefits from regular practice of an activity that does not necessarily have to be too intense. With at least 15-20 minutes of vigorous activity like running or other aerobic sports day, children and teens are able to: maintain good health and good bone and joints build good muscle mass reduce body fat maintain a good weight prevent the development of high blood pressure and help decrease the pressure in adolescents with hypertension improve learning ability. Physical activity also gives it a decisive role both as a channel for venting of natural exuberance, and as a training and general education, improving the adaptability of the boy to daily tasks, allowing a good emotional control, better self-esteem and increasing the capacity socialization.
What is psychomotor?
 It's 'an educational discipline, rehabilitative and therapeutic, is a "practical" education and help through the report, is a concrete activity, motor activity, which is modeled on the spontaneous play and expressiveness of children who live in and experience first individual actions and relationships. Proposing their own game situations, along with the psychomotricist, realize an area of ​​security and wellbeing. The Hall of locomotion is a warm, pleasant, welcoming, with a floor made of cork or wood, with soft and colorful materials with which children play in bare feet. The psychomotor therapist's task is to reassure them and help them to become confident in their personal capacity for action, statement, accompanying them to discover or rediscover the pleasant experiences of his own motion and to share them with others, in this way the children can structure an image of itself, a positive identity. During the activity can express and rework, in an atmosphere of emotional containment, their personal history inscribed in the body.  Education promotes Psychomotor promotes (in a particular space and time, using specific material) childhood  expressiveness, and its development, toward three goals that complement and enrich each other:
 - Communication;
 - Creation;
 - The operation (in the sense of training to operational thinking). The three terms are to be understood as a whole
What are the values ​​in the sport?
 Sport is a school of life because it teaches us to have respect for themselves and others.


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