Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Under the project to promote reading, the pupils of the first class of primary school with pupils attending the final year of kindergarten have met the author Paolo Comentale of the theater company "The house of Pulcinella". The writer-actor presented the text: "Vulture John goes to school". Children asked a series of questions to the author
Because the theater is so important to you?
 The theater is a fast and deep part of life, so I think it's important to me but I think a little bit for everyone. Except that ... the theater is ephemeral. Nothing remains of the show. That then I thought of writing, remains at least a few pages ...
Your stories in the theater and in the books on what they born? The stories are born looking at reality with attention and care.
 From your shows, reading your books you feel the love for children that you meet all the time. What do you think they are? What do they need to live serene?
 I like all children need to be loved. Love makes it strong for fear wins.
Why parents should come to the theater with their children?
 I think parents should follow the lives of their children. Just as my parents did a thousand years ago.
Why should read their books? 
The books are all beautiful, my parents are like so many others and I am not a writer ... I'm just a storyteller.
Your stories have, for the protagonists, the animals. Do you like animals? Do you prefer dogs, cats or vultures ...?
 I like all animals. This is the period of ... feathered sparrows and vultures.
 What will speak your next book about?
 The new book is ... TOP SECRET.


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