Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our stickers collection

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During free time we student love collecting baseball cards and then in the classroom during break time  we look at our albums, we compare our collections and, in case some of us have duplicates that can serve others, we exchange them . The collection of baseball cards was made ​​by Panini.
It is a collection that already exists since 1961, when our grandparents were children.
In fact, this year celebrating its 51 th Anniversary.
The collection of this year 2011-2012 expected in  album the presence of all of football teams in Serie A, B, the first and second division, Series D and Series A feminine.
In addition there is a section for updates of important images and important actions.
The packets of stickers can be purchased at newsstands for the price of 0.60 €.
One package contains 5 figures, we often find duplicate. 
To complete your collection of figurines, you can contact via the website www.calciatoripanini.it collectors.
In the album can also find the schedule of games  of the first and second round 
At the end of the album there is a special section dedicated to the arbitrators.

By Lorenzo and Francesco 


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