Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A day in the School library

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To stimulate in us a love for reading our teachers often lead us to the library.
The library is located on the ground floor in the hallway to the left of the entrance.
Entering the library you can see a painting on the wall representing a natural landscape, there is a staircase with seating and tables for studying.
Opposite the stairs is the LIM and a table to place the computer. Near the staircase there are chairs.
On the walls there are lots of shelves and a window .
In the library there are many books and many books s.
On the floor between the shelves there are carpets.
The books on the shelves are divided by age of the readers and the subjects. Many books contain stories.
One day, we students of class II C we went to the library. Upon entering the teacher showed us the shelves with books of fiction and asked us to choose a story. We have all been drawn from a book titled "If I were a tiger" and asked to the teacher to read it. So she took the book while we are sitting on the floor to listen in silence.
"If I were a tiger" is about a boy who wanted to become many different things and characters: a tiger, a stone, a ghost, an elephant. It runs into several thousand adventures. After the reading we have animated the story. The book was wonderful! It 'was an unforgettable experience because we had a great time.


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