Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Swimming competitions

Sunday, March 25, 2012, at 09:30, some elementary school children have participated in the eighth edition of the regional specialties Granprix swimming ': BACK-FROG at the public pool of Potenza. The Little athletes of class II D participated in the races 25 meters backstroke specialties Back-Frog, an event organized to raise funds for needy people. Our athletes, beginners or not, have distinguished themselves in various disciplines, bringing home excellent results. We recall in particular the participation of Maria Rita Dibiase and Andrea Cardillo chain than in class 25-meter breaststroke and backstroke, were recognized for the excellent results obtained with two beautiful medals.
We hope that this sporting events are organized  more often, as they help to make new friendships and allow you to socialize.


María Jesús said...

It is good. We don't participate in swimming competitions, but we would like to do it. We participate in football competitions and padel competitions. In summer, we participate in swimming competitions in the swimming pool.

grzejnik1999 said...

Cool . I ♥ swimming .! I think I'm good at swimming . I have siwm when I was 3 years . It's very good for healty and your boody . ☻

anna sz. said...

In our school we have so called swimming class -students have 4 swimming lessons a week (Years 1-3) and they often take part in swimming competition. Last month they won our local swimming Olimpic Games. A swimming pool is not far from our school.

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